Propane Tank Installation Services

Contact us direct (510) 256-5050 or email We will set up a time for our Technician to meet with you at the location where the tank will be installed or replaced.

Tank and Forklift (Rental/Purchase)

  • Tank Rental - All Rental tanks are maintained by East Bay Propane and are filled on a regular basis. The rental options for billing can be discussed with your Sales Representative.
  • Forklift Tank Rental - The option to rent a propane tank is always available. Ask your Sales Representative about this option.
  • Purchase Forklift Tank - The option to purchase forklift tanks is always available. Ask you Sales Representative to send you a quote on purchasing new tanks.
  • Trap Wagons/100 lbs Cylinders - We can delivery Trap Wagons and cylinders for large roof projects to jobsites. Contact our Sales Representative to find out more about options.

Contact us for propane tank installation or rental.